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“What is possible in Antwerp by the FVG is not possible in The Netherlands and may-be even in Europe”.*

The FVG is the only institution in Belgium and may-be in Europe, where you can study all the great religions and philosophies on a scientific and pluralistic basis: the study of Christianity in all its forms and churches, the religion of Islam and its many aspects of Sunnis, Shiites and Sufi movements, Jewish religion and spirituality, mysticism, Gnosticism, mythology, Buddhism, Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Baha'i, African philosophy and religion, humanism...

In today's world, religion and culture are in constant contact. Without prejudice the FVG aims to introduce you into the world of religions and philosophies. That's our definition of comparative study of religions: we offer knowledge about the various religions and encourage the students to independently adopt the comparative study themselves.

As an independent, pluralistic institution, we do not belong to any movement, ideology, church or philosophical beliefs. Proselytism is out of the question for us, even though our professors teach "from within" and the practical experience of the various religions and philosophies is also part of the curriculum.

Our pluralistic and open intercultural approach aims to encourage the students in "active tolerance": to get to know the other in order to at once rediscover, better understand and put into perspective their own values and lifestyles.

Apart from being an educational and religious center for comparative scientific research, the FVG also aims to be a forum for effective inter-religious encounter. More info: www.antwerpfvg.org

*Prof. dr. Jan Sperna Weiland (2011) former rector of the Erasmus University, Rotterdam

* Lid worden van het beschermingscomité

Voor particulieren zijn de voorwaarden om toe te treden tot het beschermingscomité als volgt:

  • Ere-lid: giften boven de 1000 Euro per jaar
  • Beschermend lid: giften tussen 500 en 1000 Euro per jaar
  • Gewoon lid: giften tussen 100 en 500 Euro per jaar
  • Vriend van FVG: giften tot 100 Euro per jaar

Wat de instellingen betreft zijn de voorwaarden:

  • Hoofdsponsor: 2500 Euro per jaar
  • Sponsor : 1000 Euro per jaar
  • Ondersteunend lid: giften tot 1000 Euro per jaar

Deze giften, die fiskaal aftrekbaar zijn.

* Membership of the Committee to support and protect the FVG

Individuals can become a member of this Committee and obtain the title:

  • Most Esteemed Member by donating more than 1000 euro annually
  • Honour Member by donating between 500 and 1000 euro annually
  • Member by donating between 100 and 500 euro annually
  • Friend of the Faculty by donating up to 100 euro annually

Institutions, organisations and companies can become a member of this Committee and obtain the title:

  • Chief Sponsor: donation of 2.500 euro annually
  • Sponsor: donation of 1000 euro annually
  • Supporting Member: donation up to 1000 euro annually

These donations which are tax deductible, can be transferred to one of the bankaccounts or use PayPal.
Please add “Donation for the Committee”.

KBC Belgium - IBAN: BE24 4136 1459 0138 - BIC: KREDBEBB
ING Belgium - IBAN: BE83 3200 5164 7015 - BIC: BBRUBEBB
ING Netherlands - IBAN: NL08 INGB 0003 1622 70 - BIC: INGBNL2A

Erik Dralans, voorzitter

Prof. Bert Kersten, bestuurder


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