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Claude Mestdagh

Claude Mestdagh

Heideaard 135 - 2930 Brasschaat

Telefoon: 03/652 17 87


Geboorteplaats en -datum: Kortrijk, 02/05/1955


1992 UIA

Geaggregeerde v.h. Hoger Secundair Onderwijs

1988 C.G.Jung Instituut Zürich (CH)

Diploma van Analytisch Psycholoog

Eindwerk: "L'Âme dans la Matière"

1978 RUG

Licenciaat Informatica, onderscheiding

Eindwerk: "Cellulaire Automaten"

1977 RUG

Licenciaat Wetenschappen, afdeling Wiskunde, grootste onderscheiding

Eindwerk: "Schwarzschildgeometrie en Black Holes"


Sederrt 1991: Leraar Wiskunde in het hoger secundair onderwijs (diverse scholen; op 01/01/2000 vast benoemd op het Sint-Lievenscollege Antwerpen)

1988-1991: Zelfstandige praktijk als analytisch psycholoog

1978 -1980: UIA, departement Astrofysica

Aangesteld via het Nationaal Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek


Already as a child I was moved by the mystery of life, the search for the essence, the secret behind (simple) things. This search brought me on two different paths. First, at university, I tried to unveil the secrets of reality through science, in particular mathematics, which some say to be the base of the whole universe.

Meanwhile I sometimes felt a gap between rational scientific thought and my catholic education. I then met the work of C.G. Jung, who places the source of spirituality in oneself and who, among other things, tries to bridge the gap between modern scientific thought and the sometimes still quasi-medieval Christian imagery. So the psychology of Jung became my second path, as it finally also deals with the hidden forces that move man and mankind. At the Jung Institute in Zurich I discovered, through the images in dreams, myths, fairy-tales and art, the quest which lives in each human being, the search for completeness and self-realization.



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