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Prof. Natubhai K. Shah

Prof. Natubhai K. Shah


Supervisor Department of Jain Studies

Address: 20 James Close, London NW11 9QX

Telephone: 020 8455 5573. Facsimile: 020 8 922 7619


Place and date of birth: India. 16-09-1932


  • Practitioner 1957-1968 (India), 1968-1996 (Leicester UK)
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine
  • Retired in 1996 and moved to London to devote full time on social and charitable work.
  • Honorary Fellow in Jain Studies, University of Birmingham
  • Research Associate SOAS, Member of Leicester University Court.

Academic Work

  • University of Birmingham as Fellow in Jain Studies.
  • Involved in Framing the Jain Studies syllabus in Mumbai University & International Summer School of Jain
  • Studies in North America.
  • Author of the Jainism Examination Course for Introductory and In-Depth Studies.

Published Work

academic publications

  • Executive Editor of the Jain quarterly magazine 1982-91.
  • Author of an article in "my God: Letters from the famous on God and the life hereafter", Pelham Books, 1988.
  • Co-author of the section on Jainism 'The World's Religions' published by Reader's Digest 1993.
  • Jainism: The World of Conquerors (2 Volumes) published by Sussex Academic Press 1998.
  • Author of the section on Jainism 'World Religions' published by The Times 2002.
  • Evolution of Jain Iconography in Acta Comparanda XIII, FVG Antwerp, 2000.
  • Sacred Spaces: Jain Temples: in Interreligious Insight, 2003.
  • Jainism and Islam in Acta Comparanda XIII, FVG Antwerp, 2002.
  • Editor: "Jainism Explained" by Paul Marett, 1985.
  • Editor: "Jainism for young children" by Vinod Kapashi, 1984.


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