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Charles Willemen

PB 656 - 8400 Oostende


Supervisor Buddhist Studies
Honorary Fellow Samvidya Institute of Cultural Studies, India  (2017)

Primary Fields of Specialty

Sarvãstivãda Abhidharma,
Literary Chinese

Secondary Field of Specialty

Chinese and Japanese Buddhism

Current Lecture Courses

Abhidharma Doctrines
Japanese Buddhism
Chinese Buddhism

1. Books

1974.Dharmapada: a concordance to Udanavarga, Dhammapada, and the Chinese Dharmapada literature.Publications de l'Institut belge des hautes études bouddhiques. Série études et textes 3. Bruxelles: Institut belge des hautes études bouddhiques.
1975.Udanavarga: Chinese-Sanskrit Glossary.Tokyo: Hokuseido, X, 101 p.
and Christian Berg, Max Elskamp. 1975. De negen overdenkingen over de onreinheid van het lichaam. Verhandelingen van het Etnografisch museum van de Stad Antwerpen 3. Antwerpen: Etnografisch museum, 40 p.: ill.

1978. Transl. and Annot.The Chinese Udanavarga: A Collection of Important Odes of the Law (Fa chi yao sung ching).Mélanges chinois et bouddhiques 19. Bruxelles: Institut belge des hautes études chinoises, 19.
1983.The Chinese Hevajratantra: the scriptural text of the ritual of the Great King of the teaching, the Adamantine one with great compassion and knowledge of the void.
Orientalia Gandensia 8. Leuven: Peeters, 208 p.

and Van der Hallen, Katelijne. 1983. Avondademen. Antwerpen: Stichting Mercator-Plantijn, 47 p.: ill.

1994. Transl.The storehouse of sundry valuables. Tsa-pao-tsang-ching.Compiled by T'an-yao. Transl. into Chinese by Kikkaya and Liu Hsiao-piao. BDK English Tripitaka 10/1. Berkeley (Calif.): Numata center for Buddhist tranlation and research, XIX, 275 p.
and Bart Dessein, Collet Cox. 1998. Sarvãstivãda Buddhist Scholasticism. Handbuch der Orientalistik. 2. Abt.: Indien 11. Leiden: Brill, XVII, 341 p.

1999.The Scriptural Text: Verses of the Doctrine, with Parables.BDK English Tripi†aka, 10 II. Berkeley: BDK, 238 pp.
Abhidharmhrdaya: The Essence of metaphysics.Bruxelles, 1975, translated and annotated by Charles Willemen, 366 pages, 26 pages (Chinese Text), Chinese-Sanskrit glossary, English-Sanskrit glossary (Publications de l'Institut Belge des Hautes Etudes Bouddhiques, Serie études et textes 4).

2. Articles

Numerous articles e.g. 1998. New Ideas about Sarvãstivãda Abidharma.Indian Journal of Buddhist Studies10, 1-2: 82-94.

Willemen, Charles. 1999-2000. The Indian Background of Buddhism in China. Some Facts and Remarks.The Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies,1: 45-49.

Willemen, Charles. 2001. Sarvãstivãda Developments in Northwestern India and in China.The Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies,2: 163-169.

Willemen, Charles. 2001b. Sarvãstivãda Dhyãna and Mahãyãna Prajñã. Observations about their Development in India and in China.Asiatische Studien/Études Asiatiques,55: 529-534.

Willemen, Charles. "Is Boeddhisme Europees? Bedenkingen bij de Indo-Chinese achtergrond". Acta Comparanda XXIII  (2012)



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